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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Ken Livingstone - Forced by racists and Zionists to resign from the Labour Party

Corbyn's Shameful Abandonment of Livingstone will come back to haunt him

In happier times - Livingstone, Gerry Adams and Jeremy Corbyn
No one will be happier with the resignation of Ken Livingstone than the racists and the Zionists.  No doubt the Luke Akehursts, John Manns and Wes Streetings, who applauded the Israeli army snipers as they slaughtered unarmed Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza last week will savour their moment of victory.  But if it has been a victory for the Right it has been because of the abject cowardice of much of the Left, Momentum’s Jon Lansman in particular.

After two years of persecution Ken Livingstone has succumbed to the pressure believing, wrongly in my opinion, that the pressure would be lifted on Jeremy Corbyn.  On the contrary the Zionists will feel emboldened to go for new victims, of whom Jackie Walker will be the next target.  And after that Chris Williamson MP and anyone else who sticks their head above the parapet in order to denounce the world’s only apartheid state.
Like vultures waiting for their victim to die, the scum of the Jewish Labour Movement hung around outside Livingstone's hearing b4 the National Kangaroo Committee only to be sorely disappointed - including from second right Jeremy Newmark, exposed as a crook and second left, thuglet Ella Rose, a direct transfer from the Israeli Embassy
No doubt Lansman and his Momentum sycophants will be prepared to sacrifice more socialists to the Zionist movement – the Jewish Labour Movement and Labour Friends of Israel - as part of what they believe is the price of eventual victory.   They are likely to be sorely disappointed. The more you feed these animals the more they will want until they devour their final victim, Corbyn himself.
In the last act of the malevolent Iain McNicol, Livingstone’s suspension was made indefinite. In an abject act of cowardice Corbyn rewarded this detestable man, who tried to keep him off the ballot paper two years ago in the leadership election and who locked Corbyn and his staff out of Labour’s HQ on election night last year (believing that the election would be a disaster) with a peerage.  Corbyn rewarded this crook with a peerage and in return he will suffer further treachery.

Ken Livingstone pioneered anti-racism in local government.  He supported the Republican movement in Ireland and advocated speaking to Sinn Fein when it was unpopular.  He was unflinching in his support of the Palestinians and in his opposition to Zionism.  Those who remember the Greater London Council remember one of the few genuinely radical local authorities in Britain which supported the miners, taunted Thatcher with its banner figures of unemployment and established lasting links with Britain’s Black community.  As a two-term Mayor Livingstone was equally successful.
Livingstone has been forced out of Labour precisely because he is an anti-racist who stood up to Jewish racists and Zionist chauvinists and their non-Jewish sponsors.  It is to the eternal shame of Corbyn and McDonnell that instead resisting they allowed John Mann to set the agenda.
It was appropriate that Lansman should see fit to quote from the notorious racist politician Enoch Powell
Corbyn and McDonnell threw Livingstone to the Zionist wolves without realising that Livingstone was only the hors d'oeuvres. Of course they were not the only ones to abandon Ken. Lansman quoted appropriately from Enoch Powell, when informing Ken that ‘all political lives end in failure.’ 
Lies take on a life of their own in the yellow press.  Livingstone was repeatedly accused of saying that ‘Hitler was a Zionist’ which would have been an idiotic thing to say.  However the transcript of what he did say is easily available. The Independent published the transcript on 28th April 2016.  Defending Naz Shah MP, who had herself had been suspended for a satirical joke about transplanting Israel to the United States he said:

“It’s completely over the top but it’s not antisemitism. Let’s remember when Hitler won his election in 1932, his policy then was that Jews should be moved to Israel. He was supporting Zionism – this before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews.

After two years idiot journalist Deborah Orr could not get a simple thing such as what Livingstone actually said correct
None of this stopped idiot journalists like Deborah Orr of the ‘I’ calling Livingstone a ‘fool’ only last week whilst repeating the ‘Hitler was a Zionist’ lie.  Lazy unprincipled journalists like Orr can’t be bothered to move out from under the Westminster bubble.  It is easier just to recycle other pundits lies.  Orr wrote:
Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour has been riven for many months now by unquenchable accusations of anti-semitism. Hardly surprising, when such fools as Ken Livingstone find it acceptable to declare that “Hitler was a Zionist”, seemingly unaware of the grotesque inversion of the truth that his sophistry entails.
Last week we had the unelected political lightweight, Shami Chakrabarti, declaring that Livingstone should be expelled from the Labour Party. Chakrabarti who has not been a member for two years yet took it upon herself to declare that Livingstone should be expelled for having given ‘offence’ albeit that he spoke the truth. [Anger is not a substitute for ignorance]

Livingstone has issued a dignified statement rebutting the lies that have surrounded him for these past two years and a shorter statement for the press.
Ken vigorously rebuts the libel that he is in anyway anti-Semitic and reaffirms that what he spoke was true.   In particular he defended his statement, which so irked the Zionists, that Hitler supported Zionism:

I was also told I caused offence using the word ‘support’ when I said Hitler supported Zionism. However, the respected professor of Holocaust studies, Francis Nicosia, in his book Zionism and Antisemitism in Nazi Germany, said ‘there was almost unanimous support in German government and Nazi party circles for promoting Zionism among German Jews.’ Nicosia detailed that support in his December 1978 article ‘Zionism in National Socialist Jewish Policy in Germany, 1933-39’ (University of Chicago, Journal of Modern History).
Exactly the same conclusion was drawn by Zionist historians such as Lucy Dawidowicz in her War Against the Jews and David Cesarani’s The Final Solution.  It is of course offensive to Zionists to be reminded that their movement, Zionism, despite its accusations of ‘anti-Semitism’ today, was a movement of collaboration.

By throwing Livingstone overboard, Corbyn and McDonnell have not made it easier for themselves.  Livingstone was one of the few heavyweights of the Left on the National Executive Committee until his suspension.  With the departure of Christine Shawcroft, who was personally told by Corbyn to resign, there is no serious socialist left on the NEC. 

Compare the left on the NEC today to the left in a previous generation – people like Tony Benn, Eric Heffer, Norman Atkinson, Joan Maynard.  Today we have Momentum lightweights whose main preoccupation is advancing their career, with barely an idea between them.

Lansman and the leadership of Momentum, whilst voting with Corbyn have effectively abandoned any strategy that involves confrontation with the Right. 

From now on the game will be to increasingly appease the Right.  A Right that may, in the event of electoral victory (which is becoming increasingly unlikely) is likely to refuse to support Corbyn as Prime Minister.  The lesson from the 1930’s was that appeasing Hitler led to more and greater demands.  Likewise having sacrificed Livingstone, Corbyn will find that their opponent’s appetites will be whetted still further until there is only one sacrifice left – and that will be Corbyn himself.

Tony Greenstein

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Open Letter to Jennie Formby, General Secretary of the Labour Party

Why the fuck have you not suspended Luke Akehurst and cut all links between Labour and Labour Friends of Israel?

Please write to and

Dear Jenny,

Most of us have never understood why there is a Labour Friends of Israel.  We never had a Labour Friends of Apartheid South Africa or Labour Friends of Pinochet’s Chile still less is there a Labour Friends of Burma’s Junta today. Why then is there a Labour Friends of a state founded on the ethnic cleansing of ¾ million Palestinians? 
Israel is a state that has been in permanent occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip as well as Syria’s Golan Heights for over 50 years. It hasn’t the slightest intention to give these territories up however it cannot afford to grant their inhabitants any form of democratic rights without making Israel an officially apartheid state.  Hence why illusions in the ‘peace process’ continue to be propagated.
Luke Akehurst - Israel's shill has worked overtime in support of Israeli war crimes
Labour Friends of Israel calls on the Palestinians to 'accept responsibility' for their own deaths
Israel is an apartheid state in all but name. Yes Israel calls itself a Jewish state but only in the sense that South Africa called itself a White Christian state.
Israel is a state which calls itself Jewish. There isn’t even an Israeli nationality (there is a Jewish nationality and 130 other nationalities but only the Jewish nationality means anything).
The Board of Deputies, which has been assiduous in accusing the Labour Party of 'antisemitism' didn't hesitate to support Israel and blame those who died for their own deaths
Israel may not have petty apartheid, no signs saying ‘Jews only’ but the reality is the same.  In Education there is complete segregation between Jews and Arabs.  93% of the land is reserved for Jews.  Hundreds of Jewish communities have a legal right to exclude Arabs and just two days ago it was revealed that Israeli hospitals routinely separate Arab and Jewish women giving birth. In Israeli Maternity Wards, Jewish and Arab Segregation Is the Default
There are, of course, no signs in the hospitals saying Jewish women only on the doors of wards just as you won’t see a sign in a Jewish town saying ‘No Arabs wanted here’.  Nor will you see in the West Bank, any road signs saying ‘No Palestinians’.  However if a Palestinian should attempt to drive on a highway the army will quickly disabuse them of the notion.
It is because Israel is an Apartheid State that its supporters in the Labour Party accuse opponents, including Jewish opponents, of ‘anti-Semitism’.  That is why I was expelled three months ago. 
War Crimes in Gaza
Last week Palestinians in Gaza held the Great March of Return demonstrations. They hoped to cross into Israel where most of them came from. Even before they got anywhere near the fence they were mowed down by live fire.  Israeli snipers, mounted on earthworks, killed over 60 of them and wounded over 2,000.  The ammunition that was used, as Medecins Sans Frontieres have confirmed, consisted of illegal explosive bullets designed to expand inside the body.  The intention of Israel’s military was to cause as horrendous casualties as possible.
This is a war crime yet Labour Friends of Israel put out a tweet stating that ‘Hamas must accept responsibility for these events.’  Luke Akehurst, a former NEC member, went one step further. As Director of We Believe in Israel he called for people to give ‘full support’ to Israel’s murdering army.
My question to you Jennie is a simple one.  Why the fuck have you not suspended Luke Akehurst and issued a directive breaking off all contact between the Labour Party and LFI?
this is what Luke Akehurst and Labour Friends of Israel support
Only this week a friend of mine has been notified that they are under investigation for having sent out 2 tweets. The first condemns the expulsion of Marc Wadsworth.  They wrote that Marc had been expelled ‘on the evidence of an MP with clear ties to the racist Apartheid State of Israel.’  The second tweet notes that the JLM is claiming that Louise Ellman MP is being criticised because she is Jewish rather than a supporter of the racist State of Israel.  What possible grounds are the above for investigation?
Another member, Marianne Tellier, has been suspended for tweeting an image of a Job Centre sign with the words ‘arbeit macht frei'. As Marianne says, this image has been widely used by disability campaign groups for several years. Perhaps the idiots who made these decisions are unaware that the first victims of the Holocaust weren’t Jewish, they were the physically and mentally handicapped?
A disabled man was shot dead by Israeli snipers - with the full support of Luke Akehurst and Labour Friends of Israel
Since when it is anti-Semitic to make comparisons with the Nazi regime?  Are your employees so ignorant that they don’t understand that campaigners against Tory attacks on welfare have made similar criticisms for years without in any way being anti-Semitic? Perhaps the French students in 1968 who chanted ‘CRS-SS’ in reference to the French riot police were also anti-Semitic?  Comparisons between their opponents and the Nazis are the staple fare of Israeli propaganda?
Are you are so intimidated by the fake anti-Semitism campaign of the Zionists, which at one stage suggested that you were anti-Semitic, that you are now running scared and allowing staff  appointed by Iain McNicol to trample over the rights of ordinary Labour Party members?
The slogan ‘arbeit macht frei' (Work Makes You Free) best describes the policy of Ian Duncan Smith and Universal Credit.  Comparing the Tory’s policy to the Nazis is perfectly acceptable. If your staff weren’t so thick they would know that this slogan, which was at the entrance to all Nazi concentration camps, did not just affect Jews but all victims of the Nazis.  It was first displayed at Dachau concentration camp and then Sachsenhausen north of Berlin. The inmates of these camps were largely trade unionists, socialists and communists, not Jews. 
Labour Friends of Israel and its anti-Corbyn Chair Joan Ryan MP
If your ignorant and bigoted staff knew anything of the history of Nazi Germany they might understand such simple facts. Making comparisons with Nazi Germany is perfectly correct when trying to prevent further evils. The fact that the Zionists don’t like comparisons between what they do in Israel and the Nazis is even more reason to make them.
The Gaza Ghetto
Let us be clear.  Palestinians in Gaza were not murdered earlier this week because they were trying to cross Israel’s border.  There is no border with Gaza. Israel is unique in not having any borders since a decision was taken on independence that it did not want to fix its borders when it intended in future years to expand them.
What the Palestinians of Gaza were doing was what Jews in the Warsaw and other Nazi ghettos did. Trying to break out. Gaza has been under siege for 11 years. Gaza has become unliveable in.  97% of the water is undrinkable. For anyone, least of all a member of the Labour Party, to openly support Israeli troops murdering peaceful demonstrators as if they were ducks on a shooting gallery is outrageous.
Luke Akehurst's We Believe in Israel has worked overtime to support Israeli war crimes
I demand that Marianne Tellier is reinstated immediately and that the execrable Luke Akehurst is immediately suspended, pending expulsion.  I am sure that he would be welcomed with open arms by Britain First or Tommy Robinson’ Pegida.  What is clear is that he is no socialist and has no place in the Labour Party.
I suggest you read and get your staff to read the following article by Ian Lustick, an Israeli Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania - Israel’s Massacre of Palestinian Civilians Should Spark Horror—and Action
Tony Greenstein  

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Letter to Shami Chakrabarti – Anger is not a substitute for ignorance

Helping the Noble Baroness understand the Connection between Labour Friends of Israel’s support for War Crimes in Gaza and its advocacy of Livingstone’s expulsion  

A few days ago I did a post The Mask of Deceit Slips from the Face of Chakrabarti as She Supports Livingstone’s Expulsion. Naturally I sent a copy to the noble Baroness.  Unfortunately it would seem that good manners amongst noble members of the Upper House are not what they were as I haven’t yet received a reply. Or perhaps these life peers simply don't have the breeding of their hereditary colleagues.

Alternatively Shami Chakrabarti may have felt she had nothing to say . This too would not be too surprising since in her vacuous and fake angry interview (after all she had nothing to be angry about) what she did have to say was completely wrong.
Labour's lightweight Shadow Attorney General attacks the very civil liberties she once defended
This new member of Labour's legal establishment travels with very little ideological baggage, still less any commitment to socialism.  It is noticeable that she has not been able to generate any similar emotions when it came to the cold and calculated gunning down of unarmed civilians, including children, medics and journalists in Gaza by Israeli snipers positioned behind earthworks for the task.  

Despite Chakrabarti's previous record on civil liberties it would seem that they don't extend beyond the borders of Britain.  International solidarity is not a concept with which the noble Baroness is familiar.  Clearly the 'antisemitism' of words is more important than live bullets and pulverised bones.
I thought I should share my letter with you my dear reader as Shami Chakrabarti is one more addition to the travelling Right show who use ‘anti-Semitism’ in order to disguise not only their direction of travel politically but their own political shallowness.

Tony Greenstein

Dear Ms Chakrabarti,
You may recall that, as a Jewish member of the Labour Party who was suspended, because of the false anti-semitism campaign, I gave evidence to you as part of your Inquiry into racism and anti-semitism.
I am extremely disappointed that on BBC’s Sunday Politics show you saw fit to make an unwarranted attack on Ken Livingstone.  You described his opinion on Nazi support for the Zionist movement as 'incendiary'.  Perhaps but it was also true. Maybe you found it incendiary because you didn't understand it?
Your assertion that Ken's opinions were an attack on German Jews simply demonstrates your own ignorance. The German Zionist movement represented less than 5% of German Jews.  It was a political movement which openly sought to collaborate with the Nazis and to suggest that people should keep quiet about that now is to advocate political censorship. It is but a short step from that to book burning.
Ken Livingstone’s expulsion has been a high priority for both Labour Friends of Israel and the Jewish Labour Movement, both of whom assert that Ken was being anti-Semitic.  This is the same LFI who, only this week, justified the murder of over 60 unarmed Palestinians in Gaza including an 8 month old baby who exercised the right to demonstrate.
I do not remember you generating any synthetic anger over this on television.  Perhaps, as Aneurin Bevan once said, it's all a question of political priorities.
It is clear that you know nothing about Zionism and its sordid, bloody history.  Could I suggest that when you have nothing to say it is a good idea to say nothing? Verbal flatulence is not attractive.
Zionism is a movement which relegates the non-Jew and Palestinians in particular to the status of the untermenschen or in Zionism's racial hierarchy the lower races.  It finds its expression in the Apartheid structure of today’s Israeli state.
If you care to obtain a copy of Lucy Dawidowicz's Holocaust Reader (pp. 150-153) from Parliament's library (which I understand is very good) you will read a letter to Hitler from the German Zionist Federation of 21 June 1933.  It reads:
… an answer to the Jewish question truly satisfying to the national state can be brought about only with the collaboration of the Jewish movement that aims at a social, cultural and moral renewal of Jewry…On the foundation of the new state, which has established the principle of race... fruitful activity for the fatherland is possible.... Our acknowledgement of Jewish nationality provides for a clear and sincere relationship to the German people and its national and racial realities. Precisely because we don’t wish to falsify these fundamentals, because we too are against mixed marriages and are for maintaining the purity of the Jewish group… The realisation of Zionism could only be hurt by resentment of Jews abroad against the German development. (my emphasis)
The late Lucy Dawidowicz was a Zionist Holocaust historian. The letter above was the basis for collaboration between Zionism and Nazism. 
The suggestion that Ken Livingstone's remarks were an attack on all Jews presupposes that Jews and Zionists are both the same.  If you believe that then you are no different from those anti-semites who also maintain that there is no difference.
There is a history of former Directors and senior officers of Liberty (NCCL) veering to the illiberal right when they have left office. Patricia Hewitt and Harriet Harman are but two examples. In supporting the expulsion of Ken Livingstone for having expressed his opinions about Zionism you would appear to be following in their footsteps.

It is noticeable that you have had nothing to say about the real racism scandal in recent months, that of Windrush.  Unlike you Ken Livingstone has a proud and active record in fighting racism.  Your suggestion that the truth can be anti-Semitic is absurd.

It is your support of Zionism, the ideology of Israeli Apartheid which is, if anything, incompatible with a party that calls itself socialist.  The real question though is whether you even consider yourself a socialist?
Tony Greenstein

Friday, 18 May 2018

Why does the Labour Party expel anti-racists whilst Zionist supporters of Israel’s war crimes remain members?

It’s time to expel Luke Akehurst and break the links with Labour Friends of Israel 

Palestinian supporters and anti-Zionists are suspended from the Labour Party at a drop of a hat. They are guilty of what the head of Momentum Jon Lansman calls ‘unconscious anti-Semitism’.
Luke Akehurst has been untiring in his efforts to defend Zionist war crimes 
Yet absolutely nothing is done when supporters of Israel openly justify and support Israel’s murder of over 60 unarmed Palestinian demonstrators this week, injuring over 2,000.  Many of those injured will be permanently crippled because Israel is deliberately using dum dum bullets which expand inside the body.
Labour Friends of Israel's tweets excusing the slaughter in Gaza

We should reflect for a moment that Labour Friends of Israel, Louise Ellman, Joan Ryan and Luke Akehurst are justifying the deliberate and premeditated opening of fire against unarmed demonstrators. It is the kind of thing that fascists usually do yet these racists continue to be members of the Labour Party. 
Of course Israel can do this with impunity because it has the support of Donald Trump and the alt-Right in the United States.  What is outrageous is that supporters of Israeli war crimes have a free pass under the regime of new General Secretary Jennie Formby.

Formby has started where the hated Iain McNicol left off. Mention Israel and a Labour MP and you are likely to be put under investigation. She and Corbyn are running scared from the false ‘anti-Semitism’ allegations made by the Board of Deputies which has this week justified the slaughter in Gaza.
Criticism of Israel and its ideology, Zionism is verboten. But if you engage in any amount of anti-Arab racism then you can be sure that no action will be taken against you.  The continued presence of Luke Akehurst in the Labour Party is indefensible.  Labour might as well admit Nick Griffin of the BNP to membership.  At least Griffin is an honest racist and fascist. 
People should email the Labour Party demanding that action is taken against Luke Akehurst and for the Labour Party to cut off links with Labour Friends of Israel. The far-Right leader of the Israeli Labour Party Avi Gabbay announced he had cut all links with Jeremy Corbyn for ‘anti-Semitism’.  Perhaps Corbyn will have the courage to return the favour? 

Email with copies to, and
Only the idiots of Labour's leadership treat the unelected Board of Deputies as representing British Jews
Akehurst, a former member of Labour’s NEC, Director of We Believe in Israel and a prominent member of Labour First has openly defended Israel’s deliberate murder of unarmed Palestinian civilians demonstrating against the terrible conditions in which they have been confined. Akehurst has blamed the Palestinians for their own deaths yet nothing has happened to this racist wretch of a human being. Israel’s murder of Palestinians in Gaza these past few weeks now totals 111, exceeding the 69 who were murdered in the Sharpeville Massacre in South Africa in 1960, which marked the beginning of the world wide anti-apartheid movement. 
We need to ask why it is that anti-racists such as Mark Wadsworth and myself have been expelled whereas the supporters of Israel’s war crimes have been granted immunity? Part of the problem is that Momentum is led by a racist Zionist Jon Lansman. The other reason is that Corbyn has effectively surrendered to the Right and the Zionist lobby over ‘anti-Semitism’.
An old man is shot
80 Labour MPs are sponsors of Labour Friends of Israel. They are a roll call of the Right – Chuka Ummuna, Jess Phillips, Mike Gapes, Emily Thornberry et al.  When Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982, it marked the break between Zionism and the Labour Left.  Both Tony Benn and Eric Heffer immediately resigned. Today under the baleful influence of Momentum’s dictator, most of the parliamentary left has become infatuated with an Israel which has moved yet further to the racist right. 
When you have the Defence Minister of Israel, Avigdor Lieberman, talking about cutting off the heads of Palestinians and wanting to drown Palestinian prisoners in the Dead Sea and when his deputy, Eli Dahan, describes Palestinians as ‘animals’ and sub-humans one has to ask why it is that people like Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry continue to give cover to a state every bit as racist as White South Africa.
The attack on Gaza city in 2014
Even by Israel’s abysmal standards of murder and child abuse, this week’s events were horrific.  Amongst those murdered were children and an 8 month old ‘terrorist’ baby.
The thoughts of Israel’s apologists in the Labour Party were with the murderers and Israeli ‘democracy’. It was all the fault of Hamas thus denying any agency to those who died.  Those who died were merely puppets.  Zionism’s ventriloquists are fond of talking about conspiracy theories but there is no greater conspiracy theory than the idea that Hamas were able to gather thousands of people near the fence with Israel knowing full well they could be killed.
Hamas is a conservative Islamic organisation, elected by the Palestinians. Despite being vilified as a genocidal, anti-Semitic, terrorist organisation, it is none of these things. The history of the Israeli state is a history of a succession of enemies who have been demonised. From the ‘new Hitler’ Nasser in the 1950’s to that other ‘Hitler’ Yasser Arafat. 
What the Akehursts and the Israeli propagandist will never tell you is that Hamas was the creation of Israel in an attempt to undermine the secular nationalists of the PLO.
Other lies include the allegation that the Palestinians were seeking to break through the ‘borders’ of Israel.  It is a lie because Israel is unique in having never defined borders.  It is an expansionist settler state whose ideology, the biblical land of Israel extends far beyond Israel’s current borders.
Israel’s real fear is the return of the refugees which would upset the demographic majority of Jews in the ‘Jewish’ state. The fiction of Israel as a democratic state can only be preserved by preventing those in Gaza and the West Bank being Israeli citizens and having a vote.  That is the role of the fiction of a ‘peace process’.
Israel is in occupation of Gaza and its people have every right to want to return to Israel from where they were expelled, especially since Israel’s blockade has made Gaza virtually unliveable in with the water toxic and undrinkaeble.  It is also in accord with UN Resolution 194.
An injured woman
You can read Akehurst’s despicable justifications for what happened in these articles, Update on Gaza border crisis and Please email your MP about Hamas and the Gaza border
Below is an excellent article by Leon Rossellson, the famous Jewish socialist folk singer.
 “I don’t believe in liberation — I believe in ending the apartheid system in Israel, like the end of the apartheid system in South Africa, and we all live in one democratic state.”
 Ahmed Abu Artema, organiser of the Great March of Return, as reported in the Guardian 6 April 2018.
In 2007, I wrote a song called The Third Intifada. It’s been eerie in the last few weeks watching something very like the scenario in my song, albeit in a different context, being enacted on Gaza’s border with Israel. But the reality has been more horrific than anything I envisaged. In Gaza the slaughter was premeditated and calculated. The snipers were primed to kill. They had their orders. They used the protesters, men women, children, for target practice. According to the latest reports, 109 Palestinians — including children, one an 8 month old baby — have been killed and over 6,000 wounded, including nearly 1000 children. The wounds were particularly debilitating because Israeli soldiers used dumdum bullets which expand when they enter the body. 

The bullets used are causing injuries local medics say they have not seen since 2014. The entrance wound is small.The exit wound is devastating, causing gross comminution of bone and destruction of soft tissue.
The UN has stressed that “lethal force may only be used as a measure of last — not first — resort, and only when there is an immediate threat to life or serious injury. An attempt to approach or crossing or damaging the fence do not amount to a threat to life or serious injury and are not sufficient grounds for the use of live ammunition.”
What has been the response of the Israeli authorities to the charge that their soldiers have committed war crimes? Predictably they lied. They lied shamelessly and with the confidence born from years of practice. Yes, these protesters, led by Hamas, yes, even the children and the 8 month old baby, were on the verge of tearing down the fence and swarming into Israel, overrunning the Israeli army and massacring untold thousands of Israelis, yes, and all with their bare hands.
Protester near Gaza border

“The mere fact of approaching a fence is not a lethal, life-threatening act, so that does not warrant being shot. It seems that anyone is liable to be shot dead.” (Rupert Colville, spokesman for the UN high commissioner for human rights).
And here is the Israeli Ambassador, Mark Regev, formerly Israel’s propaganda chief and long-time apologist for Israel’s crimes, explaining to the BBC: We use live fire only in a very measured way, in a very surgical way and only when there is no alternative.
6,000 wounded? 106 dead? Measured? As for the BBC itself, that model of fair and balanced reporting, I rarely listen nowadays but did catch Jeremy Bowen talking about the ‘violence’ on the Gaza border. No mention of how many Palestinians had been killed. No mention of Palestinians being killed and wounded at all. Just ‘violence’.
And what about the collection of ghouls who proudly dub themselves Labour Friends of Israel? How have they managed to defend this latest atrocity?
How pathetic. They didn’t even have the imagination to concoct their own lie but simply swallowed the steaming pile emanating from the bowels of the Israeli Embassy and regurgitated it.
How can anybody be a friend of a state that turns its sons into murderers?  (continued go to original)